Vote NO on 2 in August

Expanding Medicaid “is a massive tax increase that Missourians cannot afford.”

Governor Mike Parson

National liberal groups are at it again.  Nancy Pelosi and her socialist followers like AOC and Bernie Sanders are trying to force an expansion of Obamacare into Missouri at a time when we absolutely cannot afford it.  These pro-expansion groups are using dark money from multiple DC organizations to try to dupe hard working Missourians into expanding this massive entitlement program so they can have more control over our healthcare. Missouri Governor Mike Parson has already been forced to cut $450 million of planned spending from the state budget due to drastically falling tax revenue

He recently added, “I don’t think it’s the time to be expanding anything in the state of Missouri right now.  There’s absolutely not going to be any extra money whatsoever.

Missourians know what’s best for our state and expanding this program when we can’t afford it is reckless and irresponsible.  Vote No on 2 in August to tell Nancy and her dark money friends to stay out of our business!

Don't give Nancy Pelosi more control!

Medicaid expansion in Missouri could cost $3.5 BILLION

Currently, if you live in Missouri and are disabled, 65+, or low income, you are covered by Medicaid.  If Amendment 2 passes, Medicaid would be expanded to cover able bodied, childless adults.  If this massive entitlement program, that already takes up 40% of our state budget, is expanded, there is no doubt funding for education and transportation will have to be cut

Missouri Right to Life PAC is also gravely concerned with the proposal and encourages Missourians to vote against it.  They know “the more that Medicaid is expanded, the more taxpayers’ money is paid to Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.”


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